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  • Getting Started with Umbraco

    Do you want to build your website using CMS or do you need to setup a robust website using CMS platform like Umbraco, well this downloadbel article will help you to setup the developer environment for Umbraco. This article is a first part of 7 series of getting started with Umbraco. You can download...
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 06-28-2011
  • 5 ways to avoid VS2010 crash after applying the Service Pack 1

    VS2010 is not new kid on the block anymore. Several people already download and install it. 1.4 GB patches will be great and healthy for Visual Studio. However, not all the PC will save from a “crash” nightmare especialy in ASP.NET design surface application. This post will describe how you avoid crash...
    Posted to Ridi Ferdiana (Weblog) by ridi on 03-15-2011
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