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  • Migrating My Blog to http://wely-lau.net (Wordpress on Windows Azure)

    As I mentioned here , recently I’ve successfully set up my Wordpress Blog on Windows Azure ( http://wely-lau.net ), I also would like to inform that my current blog http://geeks.netindonesia.net/blogs/wely will be migrated to http://wely-lau.net . Since not all of my blog posts are migrated, my current...
    Posted to Wely Lau (Weblog) by Wely on 09-26-2011
  • Pencak Silat World Championship 2010

    Mari kita sukseskan Kejuaraan Pencak Silat Dunia 2010 yang bertempat di: Padepokan Pencak Silat Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Mari kita sukseskan!
    Posted to Mas Agung (Weblog) by agung on 12-10-2010
  • Teaching C# for newbie

    This is another session about teaching C# for newbie. Especially who wants to join in real development. One question that I always heard was "why we don't get something like this in our university?". I think the answer is depends on situation and condition. Teaching about layering, teaching...
    Posted to Mas Agung (Weblog) by agung on 09-20-2010
  • EF4 helping boost your application development

    Today, my team just finished a newest project to developed a part of intranet system using C#. We used EF4 and I’m really happy with it’s performance. Trying to process more than 1 million record, filtering, sorting, by using their built in functionality are amazing… The most interesting is development...
    Posted to Mas Agung (Weblog) by agung on 09-16-2010
  • Nice to meet you, Raven!

    Actually, this is blessing when I met a new project which produce simple (really simple, but yet huge) application in web page by using another approach in how we present data in the application. Sometimes, we stuck in how we design a relational database to decide how many tables should we have to created...
    Posted to Mas Agung (Weblog) by agung on 08-06-2010
  • Yep, The Rumour is True, Bing Coming to the iPhone 4 and iOS4

    For you who are fans of Bing search engine, and still willing to use iPhone, it's coming to iOS4. Yes, iOS4 is the newest OS for iPx (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) devices, that's previously called iPhone OS and become obsolete since it's used for iPad as well. iOS4 was just introduced 1-2 hours...
    Posted to Andri Yadi (Weblog) by andriyadi on 06-08-2010
  • Preparing ‘new’ weapon for a new laptop

    This is what I have need in my new laptop for the first time: Windows 7 Ultimate Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Office Professional Plus 2010 Virtual PC 2007 SP1 With more than 350 Kbps bandwidth, finishing those software is just only a few hours Preparing for the next download: Project 2010 SQL Server...
    Posted to Mas Agung (Weblog) by agung on 05-19-2010
  • Kejurnas V Merpati Putih

    Jika tidak ada halangan, insya Allah akan diadakan Kejuaraan Nasional Merpati Putih se-Indonesia pada tanggal 7 s/d 11 Juli 2010 bertempat di Padepokan Pencak Silat Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Kejurnas V Merpati Putih 2010 menggunakan aturan Merpati Putih yakni FULL BODY CONTACT, tanpa pelindung tubuh...
    Posted to Mas Agung (Weblog) by agung on 05-19-2010
  • Three Years, New Plex, New Stuffs

    Now that 2009, a rather complex and unpredictable year has left us for 5 months. It’s 2010, the 2010th year of the Common Era or of Anno Domini; the 10th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 1st decade of the 2010s. According to an article on CNN, 2010 is the year of Digital Distraction...
    Posted to Andri Yadi (Weblog) by andriyadi on 05-09-2010
  • Disambut Oleh Pengumuman iPhone OS 4

    [UPDATED] It's official. iPhone OS 4 preview is officially announced today, Apr 8, 2010 10.00AM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). That time is equal to April 9, 2010 00:00AM West Indonesia Time (check here ). So, I can say that my birthday is celebrated with the announcement of iPhone OS 4. Thanks Apple...
    Posted to Andri Yadi (Weblog) by andriyadi on 04-09-2010
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