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About Richard Tan

Richard, who also known as Lord.aeon or rime.aeon or cybernetics, is a former 3773 retired in 2008 , he's also a security consultant, and a freelance programmer, hold international MCP,MCTS and MCPD certifications since 2009 despite being a freelance programmer he had taken care various project. he speaks in some of this language, English, Japanese, Bahasa a little french, german :D Casual Profile : just ordinary boy who like to tease pirgzie... simple minded person :D. C'mon life is already worse, why would you make it even worse? :P heavy thinker? no.. i have bad experience because i think too much? smoke? no drink? on occasions height? 160cm 5 feet 3 inchies i Play Go, (baduk, wei qi) around 16 Kyu Dream JOB??? NSA Computer safety Division :D

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